Covid-19 Vaccinations

COVID -19 Vaccines Now Available! 




We Now have Booster Shots for any shots needed after the first two doses of the COVID-19 Vaccination.


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NIGHTINGALE PHARMACY, INC. was created in 2020 to provide vaccines and medication to our clients in the home. Whether a patient needs a complicated medication infusion, flu shot, or even daily medication, Nightingale makes house calls!

During this unprecedented pandemic, many residents and clients shelter in place, and traveling to the pharmacy is inconvenient or not an option.  

To address the need for Covid-19 immunizations, Nightingale accepts Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurance carriers, at NO COST to you, the patient.




*Nightingale administers the COVID-19 vaccines to all clients who meet the CDC, and DPH, guidelines.