Frequently Asked Questions

What does Home Care consist of?
Home Care can include but are not limited to Companion Services, Personal Support Services, Homemaker Services, or Skilled Nursing Services delivered to individuals in their place of residence.

Where is Nightingale located?
Nightingale is located across the entire state of Georgia, with the exception of Atlanta. Visit our office location page for more information.

What if I don’t qualify for assistance?
Even if you do not qualify for assistance, we can provide low-cost services on a private pay basis.

How Do I Get Started?
Call a Nightingale office located in your region of Georgia to schedule an appointment so we can answer your questions. We will also help you apply for assistance if eligible.

How much do services cost?
The costs of services depend on several factors: 1) Regional location; 2) Type of Service Requested; and 3) Amount of Service Requested. Once a Plan of Care is developed, the hourly and/or monthly cost will be shared with the client and/or client representative.

Is there a Minimum or Maximum number of hours required for Nightingale to provide services?
No, but rates go down when the number of hours go up!

Will I have to sign a long term contract?
No, a long term contract is not required but at least 48 hours of notice is required to cancel services without a cancelation fee.

Does Medicare pay for any of these services?
No, Medicare will not pay for any services provided by Nightingale. Medicare refuses to pay for on-going daily living activities for disabled or elderly.

Does Long Term Care Insurance cover any of these services?
Yes, Nightingale will work with any LTC Insurance in order to become a network provider for home health services.

Are Nightingales aides and nurses screened?
Yes, all Nightingale employees must pass a thorough criminal background check. We do not hire anyone who has a criminal history.

What happens if I don’t like my aide?
The client has the ability to request another aide if the one assigned is unacceptable. Once a good match is found, the same aide will come every time.

What is CCSP?
Community Care Services Program: Georgia Medicaid’s Community Care Services program is a waiver program designed to help frail older adults and persons remain in their own homes or living in communities and receive services in those locations, as an alternative to a nursing home.

Who qualifies for CCSP?
– Appropriate for a Nursing Home Level of Care
– In need of services provided by the CCSP, and who have physical limitations which restrict his or her ability to perform normal activities and live independently
– Able to live safely in the community with the CCSP services
– In addition to being functionally impaired with an unmet need for care, participants must be financially qualified for Medicaid. Qualifying for Medicaid is a complicated process involving a review of a family’s income, assets and asset transfers as far back as 5 years. Rules change by state and there are many exceptions, but typically monthly income cannot exceed $2,000 and “countable asset” limits, excluding the car and home, range from $2,000 to $8,000.

What services are available under CCSP?
– Adult Day Health
– Alternative Living Services
– Emergency Response Services
– Home-Delivered Services
– Personal Support Services
– Out-of-Home Respite Care
– Home Delivered Meals
– Respite Care

Is there a fee for CCSP?
There is no fee for those individuals who receive Supplemental Security Income. There may be a fee for those individuals who qualify for Medical Assistance Only Medicaid.

How do I apply for CCSP?
Call the Area Agency on Aging at 1-800-580-6860 to speak to an INTAKE SPECIALIST for a telephone screening. Eligible clients will be referred to the CCSP for assessment.

What is SOURCE?
Service Options Using Resources in Community Environment: A Statewide Primary Care Enhanced Case Management Service under the Elderly and Disabled Waiver that links primary medical care with many long-term health services in a person’s home or community setting to prevent unnecessary emergency room visits and hospital stays and avoid institutionalization.

Who does SOURCE serve?
SOURCE serves aged, blind, and disabled Georgians who are SSI/Medicaid eligible.

How do I apply for SOURCE?
Call the local SOURCE office listed in the region you live or call (404) 657-7211 and ask for information.
For a listing of SOURCE Offices across the State of Georgia visit: (Search SOURCE)