Nightingale Infusion, Inc.

About us:

Quality Care in the Home

 With licensed and experienced nurses across all 159 counties in Georgia, Nightingale Infusion provides personal, professional care in the most familiar and comfortable setting–home.


Affordable and Convenient

 Nightingale Infusion provides quality intravenous (IV) infusion care in the home as an alternative to expensive and inconvenient treatments at an office or hospital.


Safe and Effective

 Nightingale nurses administer infusion medications in the patient’s home. By providing personalized nursing care away from the hospital, patients can help avoid the risk of dangerous infections as well as high medical bills. 

Some of the IV Therapies administered by Nightingale nurses include:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Nutritional Support (TPN)
  • Drug Therapies
  • Hydration Therapies
  • IV/IV
  • Antibiotics



Nightingale Infusion Inc. is a member of the National Home Infusion Association*