Heather Fries

Owner and CEO


The day to day corporate operations are managed by Heather Fries, Owner and Chief Executive Officer. Mrs. Fries has worked in every non-clinical position in the company from entry-level all the way through to her current position CEO. She has been charged with taking the company into previously unpenetrated markets, adding stakeholder value to the company and ever improving customer service levels. Mrs. Fries served as an integral part of Nightingale’s success, supervising and directing the Durable Medical Equipment Company, providing Emergency Response Systems to over 3,000 subscribers, and performing as the Hospice Administrator for all 3 locations. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Memphis State University coupled with a Masters of Science in Physiological Research & Counseling from the University of Memphis, both of which specialize in the aging population. In January of 2009, Mrs. Fries was appointed to the Board of Georgia Association of Community Care Providers. Upon being appointed, she was elected as an officer to serve as the secretary and chosen to be the Chairman of the GACCP Billing Committee.